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The right pair of cycling shorts will increase not only your comfort on the bike but your performance too. As cycling clothing goes, they’re one of—if not, the—most important item for ensuring you are able to ride as hard, far, and fast as you like.

Cycling shorts are so beneficial because they are produced from purpose-made material and cut in a way conducive to ensuring comfort on the bike. The Lycra material is, typically, tight and your shorts will fit closely to your body to help minimise chafing and skin irritation. The material is moisture and sweat wicking too, ensuring you stay cool and dry when working hard. Generally, they also come with a chamois pad built in, which offers stability and comfort on the saddle.

At ProBikeKit, we stock a wide variety of cycling shorts for women and men. So, whether you're a commuter or road racer, mountain biker or cyclocross rider, browse our range from brands such as Castelli, Sportful, Santini, Ale, Alpinestars and more.

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What are cycling shorts?

As the name suggests, they are shorts for the specific purpose of cycling. Usually they are made of Lycra, a synthetic material; and have padding sewn into the bum, referred to as a “chamois”. The chamois provides some cushioning between the rider and the saddle, it is used to reduce chafing while riding and maximise comfort.

What is the benefit of cycling shorts?

Much like any activity, having the right tool for the job will always be better than having something non-specific. Designed for the purpose of cycling, cycling shorts offer a number of benefits over using ‘normal’ shorts. The fabric is cut and put together in a way that is specific for the movements involved in cycling which minimises irritation when pedalling.

When starting out on your cycling journey you might feel nervous about going out into the world in such tight-fitting clothing. However, the benefits to your speed far outweigh any drawbacks to such a garment. It’s widely known that tighter-fitting clothing is significantly faster than clothes that are loose. In fact, going from loose clothing to tight is one of the most effective ways to increase your speed on the bike without getting any fitter!

What are the best cycling shorts?

Unfortunately, there’s no straight answer to this. It will depend on a number of factors: your chosen cycling discipline, your individual body shape, personal preference, the time of year, among others. The perfect short for one person, might be less than ideal for someone else. There are some obvious factors that can help you determine what will be best for you, for instance whether you are looking for men’s or women’s cycling shorts, and whether it’s road or mountain bike shorts you need.